Tamil classes for kids at Sparklekids

Studies have shown that children who are bilingual right from the time of birth seem to do better in all other studies. Perhaps their brain develops a more versatile connectivity among the neurons. Instead of relating one word with one concept or image (as it would be in a totally unilingual environment), they develop a reasoning approach to relate it to many and set up logic to make choices under different circumstances.

It is through language that we develop our thoughts, shape our experience, explore our customs, structure our community, construct our laws, articulate our values and give expression to our hopes and ideas. Mother Tongue is a common language that is freely and comfortably spoken by adult generation both at home and outside to their successors in a community and reflects one’s culture and ethnic backgrounds.

Encouraging young children to learn their Mother Tongue would help them to develop confidence, self-esteem and their unique identity within a multicultural society. Culture and traditions essentially go hand in hand with language. The learning of mother tongue will provide an individual the right to study his/her mother tongue and culture. This will also preserve family bonds and lessening of cultural conflicts between generations.

With regard to Tamil classes @ Sparkle kids, the training starts from alphabets, their sounds, word building, singular-plural, opposites, framing small sentences and basic grammar. Introducing them through visual aids such as flash cards, pictures, charts, videos, etc. help kids in grasping the language at ease.

These classes are designed for kids aged 3 to 8 years.

The classes are designed such that the kids not only learn to read and write Tamil, they also hear about

  • Basics such as colors, days, months, animals, etc.
  • Some of the famous poets and their poems
  • Festivals that are associated with the Tamil culture

Tamil language preparatory classes for Primary levels:

Basically my classes aim at preparing your kids for their Tamil language in their primary levels.

The materials include worksheets on Writing skills, Spelling practice, Picture comprehension, Show and Tell, Improvise your speech in Tamil.

Currently I am handling kids From Nursery till Primary 3.

Mazhalai level – Ages 3 to 4


The lessons are designed for children to learn Tamil through the pictures, stories, and songs in order to create interest in learning Tamil. The lessons cover Tamil Letters, conversation, stories, songs, a few words currently in use and animation with audio and video facilities.

Level 1 – Ages 4 – 5


The lessons cover Tamil Letters, conversation, stories, songs like aathichuudi, a few words currently in use and animation with AV facilities. Kids also learn colors, numbers, days, months, fruits, vegetables, body parts and more. Mastering 12 vowels and 18 consonants is the main objective of this level.

Level 2 – Ages 5-7


The lessons cover Tamil letters, words, small phrases, conversation, stories, and songs including aathichuudi, thirukural. At this level, there is more focus on reading and writing and mastering uyirmei letters, small words and phrases. Kids also learn small poems.They practice writing word and phrases through worksheets.

Tamil class schedule

4 sessions – 2 hours each /month

For further clarifications you can reach me at:  kirthiga.rajesh@gmail.com

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  1. Hi,

    I am unable to open the class schedule. I will like to know what is the class size, schedule and fees. Thank you.

    Warm regards,

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