Parents Testimonials

Read some of the excellent testimonials received from parents who bring their children to Sparklekids Enrichment programs.

Dear Parents,

Thank you for sharing your experience here. Hope this would be a great reference for new joiners.

Kirthiga N

2 thoughts on “Parents Testimonials

  1. I would like to say huge Thank You to Kruthiga for preparing Bharath fabulously well for his Primary 1 Tamil lessons. I am so happy that I sent my son to Kruthiga’s Tamil enrichment classes. . He has learnt so much, and best of all he loves the classes. Bharath finds her class fun and exciting. Her worksheets are designed brilliantly, giving a great foundation as he could read and write well before starting school. She provides a full range of materials and activities for spoken and written pre-school Tamil. Kruthiga is extremely patient with the kids and is passionate about her teaching. Thumbs up to Kruthiga’s Tamil classes. I highly recommend her classes to my family and friends.

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