Clock- basics

Learning to tell time is a fairly uncomplicated skill that you can master by memorizing a few basic rules.

Remember that the shorter of two “hands” on a clock dictates the hour. If it is pointing at the number two or between the numbers two and three on a clock, the time is 2 o’clock, plus the number of minutes showing.

Remember that the longer hand indicates the number of minutes. Some clocks may also have a third, fast-moving hand that displays the seconds. Each tick indicates one second.

Learn to count in increments of five to 60. Each number on a clock–from one through 12–corresponds to a five-minute time span. When the long hand lands on the number three, it indicates the time is 15 minutes after the hour. The minute hand at the number six means it is 30 minutes past the hour and at the nine, 45 minutes. When the hand has moved all the way around clock and once again reaches the number 12, this means that one hour–or 60 minutes–has passed.
Clock- basics


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